Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Afternoon Activities

We were out fishing
for Pike & Musky's
when Randy suddenly
caught a very hungy perch!
Look at the size of the lure he bit on!

Kim & Stephanie decided to take the kayak's out for a spin!
(One of) Brian's Pike!

the guys out fishing

Carly's Pike! It looked much bigger in person.
The camera adding 10 lbs musn't apply to fish!
(Notice how I caught it, but am not touching it!)

The Icebreaker

Brian's new boat, affectionately dubbed "The Icebreaker," for it's width and weight! It's a 16 foot fishing boat, he's already used it quite a bit! This picture is from the Island where we ran out of room to dock, so the guys came up with a brillant idea to dock the boat on the floating dock!