Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We just heard the news!

Place a Guess!

Much to his parents disappointment,
Baby Nodine has yet to make his appearance!
My brother suggested we start a pool for the baby weight,
so . . .if you'd like to guess "post a comment" with your guessed birth weight!
We'll come up with a prize for the winner!

Carly's: 7lb 2 oz.
Brian's: 7lb 12 oz.
Sarah B.'s: 7lb 8 oz.
Aunt Jamie's: 8lb 1 oz.
Uncle Ben's (can you read that without thinking of the rice?!): 7lb 1 0z.
Megan's: 7lb 14 oz.
Joanna's: 7lb 4 oz.
Mary's: 7lb 9 oz.
Anne & Brian's: 8lb 4 oz. (Thanks for voting all the way from MEXICO!! Hope you're having a great time!)
Grandy & Pop Pop's: 7lb 13 oz.
Auntie Kim's: 7lb 10 oz.
Blair & Mark's: 7lb 2 oz.
Susie: 8lb 2 oz.
Ronnie: 8lb 2 oz.
Paul: 8lb 3 oz.
Mom Capriolo: 6lb 7 oz.