Monday, September 15, 2008

So Big!

Timothy has taken to standing & climbing on whatever he can wiggle his little feet onto!

I'm sure you're wondering what on earth he's doing here, we did too for awhile! I think it's simpy to make you smile! He does this goofy thing where he scrunches his face and sniffles his nose, then he waits for you to laugh and to do it back to him!

He loves to sit by his books, pull them all onto the floor, then flip through the pages ... he keeps himself occupied forever doing this! Sarah watched him last Friday night and she said, "I know you said he likes books, but that's all he wanted to do!"

He's also learning how to shuffle around with this walker thing!

Park Time!

On nice nights this summer we liked to spend time at Fair Haven Park, it was always a good time!

Brian and Timothy


"Hey! Let me see the camera!"

Riding in the wagon

Sometimes Brian even got to fish!

ccR2 Z (a special message from Timothy)