Monday, December 14, 2009

December 17th

This year, we decided to cut back on Christmas gifts to one another. We're adding another story onto our house and we get a gift that is very precious to us, we have our ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday. We couldn't ask for a better gift than seeing our little one <3
So, just for fun, tell us if you're thinking pink or blue and I'll try to post as soon as possible the result! VoteIs Baby Nodine (due May 18th) a Boy or a Girl?

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Gingerbread House Day!

Timothy, Tyler & Kyanna made Gingerbread houses (or in our case, graham cracker houses), it was lots of fun! Once I said, "it's okay if you eat some of the candy" that's all Timothy would do! Needless to say, his house lacks decoration!

Christmas Activities, part 1

Christmas tree shopping attempt #1. Timothy was so sound asleep that Brian carried around the whole lot like this, and he never woke up! I just couldn't pick out a tree without we came back the next day for attempt #2!

What is Timmy doing, you ask? Fishing. Didn't you know all you need to fish in a Christmas tree patch is a long piece of grass and a little imagination? :)
(So glad you waited until I was awake for this Mom!) LOL

We found it! The perfect tree!
"I'll carry the tree!"

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Christmas tree shopping is hardwork! Wearing Daddy's hat to keep the son out of his eyes, Timothy was fast asleep!
Munching on cookies and drinking hot chocolate. Timothy's fishing a marshmallow out of his drink in this pic!
Yea! The tree is up and decorated! For the past 2 years, Timothy has had this fascination with Nutcrackers. He loves them! Ours are all just decorative, if anyone knows where I can find a real one, let me know :)

We got our first real snowfall and of course, had to build a snowman! Timothy has been talking about making one for months. He's learning a few Christmas songs and told me that our song needed a "button nose," like Frosty. We compromised with a carrot ;)

While baking cookies, Timothy decided to entertain himself! Let me tell you, these spice containers proved hours of fun!