Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in PA

After a long ride in the car...
Timothy was thoroughly spoiled at Grandma & Grandpop Capriolo's

Uncle Ronnie gave him a new DVD

Uncle Paul gave him a cement truck with a cement mixer

Timothy was thoroughly spoiled at Grandma & Grandpop Capriolo's!

Grandma & Grandpop gave him lego's, a Vtech helicopter, & a Sesame Street remote

We visited some friends, Thank's Liz!

And went to Longwood Gardens!

Thanks for a great time everyone!

Friday, December 5, 2008


The Fall Festival in Sterling, NY

Timothy meets goats
and a horse, which we also took a ride in his wagon.

Timmy's new hat from the Alpaca stand at the festival!

For my (Carly's) birthday, Brian took Timothy and I to the Strong Museum of Play. We had lots of fun and can't wait to return in a year or two when Timothy will definitly enjoy it more!

"Here on Sesame Street..."

This one's for Gramma Nodine ;)

Timothy LOVED Sister Bear, he even reached up and gave her a kiss!

Timothy and I on our train ride :o)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay, so these are really old now, but I'm attempting to catch up! Here are some pictures from our vacation to Lake Chautauqua this summer!

Our biggest reason for going to this Lake was because it's known for Musky fishing. And yes, Brian caught one! More so, we were all on the boat to see it!

We spent lots of time on the boat, relaxing outside and Carly did her fair share of shopping. About halfway through our vacation we learned how to vacation with a Timothy! We also had some visitors, Randy & Stephanie one day and Ben, Jamie and Joshua even came another day!

Our second vacation was to Avalon, NJ. We went in September and it was so much warmer than any of us expected!

Timothy watching football with the guys. Haha, ever since he pauses to watch football if it's on TV!

"Help! Uncle Paul is trying to bury me!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

"Roo" quickly became a nickname of mine for Timothy. I think it started when I'd carry him around in his sling, he reminded me of a little "Timmy - Roo" My sister in-law found this costume for us and it was too perfect not to wear! We went to a total of 2 houses and had a very memorable first Halloween with cousin Josh!

Joshua was our official "little stinker" of the evening, presenting himself as a skunk for night!

Monday, September 15, 2008

So Big!

Timothy has taken to standing & climbing on whatever he can wiggle his little feet onto!

I'm sure you're wondering what on earth he's doing here, we did too for awhile! I think it's simpy to make you smile! He does this goofy thing where he scrunches his face and sniffles his nose, then he waits for you to laugh and to do it back to him!

He loves to sit by his books, pull them all onto the floor, then flip through the pages ... he keeps himself occupied forever doing this! Sarah watched him last Friday night and she said, "I know you said he likes books, but that's all he wanted to do!"

He's also learning how to shuffle around with this walker thing!

Park Time!

On nice nights this summer we liked to spend time at Fair Haven Park, it was always a good time!

Brian and Timothy


"Hey! Let me see the camera!"

Riding in the wagon

Sometimes Brian even got to fish!

ccR2 Z (a special message from Timothy)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend with the Capriolo's

Grandpop Capriolo, Uncle Paul, and Noel came for a visit a few weekends ago. Other than spoiling Timothy rotten, they also took the time to build us a fire pit that we've been enjoying greatly! We even managed to do everything right "around the corner," for real this time!
Timothy and Grandpop

Noel learning how to point

Timothy had to get in on the fire pit action. See his little trowel?

Timothy and Uncle Paul walking...

Timothy and Noel walking...

Have you noticed what Timothy's new favorite thing to do is?

Paul & Noel <3

Grandpop, Can I go home with you?

Thanks guys! We had a great time, hope you did too!