Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Very First Christmas Morning!

In true little boy fashion, Timothy woke us up early on Christmas morning. He then promptly went back to sleep AFTER Brian and I were up! Needless to say, we have very few pictures of Timothy awake while opening gifts!

Our favorite present this year
We couldn't wrap Timothy up, so we let him sit on a box!

Showing off my new hat

What every child needs - a stuffed Musky!

He slept like this for awhile and then all of sudden Brian looks over at Timothy in his basket and sees the musky flailing about. Timothy's arm was under the musky and he couldn't get it off of himself. Timothy started crying, he must've been dreaming he was being attacked by the fish! Don't worry - Daddy saved the day and rescued Timmy from the nightmare!

Gracie's Christmas present - a new bed!

Gracie sleeps in our room and at night we've been hearing creaking and cracking lately. Well, it's Gracie climbing into and getting comfortable in our wicker clothes basket. And yes, she does still have her chair. At night now it's quite the decision - "my bed, my chair or the clothes basket...hmmm...."

"oh how I love Christmas morning!!"

First Christmas Parties and Eves!

Annual Christmas party at the DuVall's. Don't you love Timothy's Santa slippers?

Whew, all partied out. Sleeping for the ride home.

Timothy's fancy red velvet outfit. He saved it specially for Christmas Eve.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Many Faces of Timmy Claus

Director Claus
"Could I get some more light on my left?"

Scared Santa

Chillin' Santa


Falling Santa

Just Cute Santa

Spending Time with Dad

Two of my favorite pictures of Brian & Timothy

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Me & My turban

Daddy was taking my onesie off my head and it got stuck!
So, we decided to be a little silly!

Big Tim, Little Tim, which Tim is him? - The lesser known Carly Seuss

Timothy hanging out with his namesake.

Looks like they're getting along pretty good!

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree..."

Cutting down our tree! Gracie's supervising :o)
Family pic with the tree, Timothy's in his sling!

Round 2, again Timmy's in his sling, this time we got a shot of him!

Paul cutting down the Capriolo family tree

One more pic of the cozy baby! He loves his sling!

Little Man

These are all pictures of Timothy when I first started to notice he was losing his "newborn" look...

tummy time!

"I'm just trying to relax on my boppy,
what are all the pictures for?"

"Uhh...Dad can I get some help over here?"


Cutie Pie :o)

All ready to go to my first Doctor's Appointment!

Looking cute in my teddy bear hat

My cute feets!

Quick, Get the Camera!, My Eyes Are Open!

This is my thoughtful look.

Poor Timothy, his first couple of weeks of life every time his eyes were open we raced to get the camera. The pictures usually resulted in him looking scared!